When we arrive at the airport, how do I find my driver?
There are three ways:

  1. When you land turn on your cell phone. Our dispatch team will have sent you a text message with your drivers cell number. Once you collect your bags call your driver direct and arrange for a pick up outside on the curb.
  2. Call us at 973-838-2004 once you collect your bags. We will have the driver meet you outside on the curb.
  3. Your driver will be waiting at the bottom of the escalator on the arrival level (Baggage Level) with a sign with your name.

What if my flight is late?
We normally don’t charge for waiting time. The only time charges would apply would be for excessive wait for bags (over and hour) and if your arrival time changed when your car was already en route.

What type of payment does Royal Limo accept?
Cash, Check, and Credit Card. If by credit card we will take your credit card number at the time of your reservation and email you a receipt. This keeps you number safe in our office and less to worry about the day of your trip.

What is your cancellation policy?
2 hours prior to pick-up. Charges would be only a portion of the fair depending on the trip.

Is there an extra charge for early AM pick-up?
Yes, there is an extra $10 charge between the hours 1100pm and 6am.

Would my car be cancelled due to extreme weather?
If the State or local authorities closed the roads or we think you or your driver could be in danger due to for example: icy roads, high winds, flooded roads…

How far in advance should I make my reservations?
The further in advance the better, however same day service usually is not an issue.

How much should I tip a driver?
All gratuities, taxes and tolls are included in your price.